The Roof


Every night when I look


enjoy the moon and the flower,

I thanks the roof.

Every winter when I cuddle

the warm,

I thanks the roof.

In the stormy rain and

the lonely summer

when I look at the door,

I thanks the roof.

Every night when I’m exhausted

and life feels lasted

I’m fine, thanks the roof.

© S.Anand

Note to myself ….

Take some time for yourself. Listen some music or read something.

Don’t follow reviews or recommendations.

Just hit the button and see for yourself.

This has been the way for most of us to discover things lately until social media and internet start reading humans. And then you start clicking recommendations, following the follower, by seeing common follower.

Gone the days when people used to fill year book or slam book, mentioning their favorite book, artist or song. colors and movies, games and food. All that sound too stupid and insignificant in front of profile pic and followers.


One fine day,

thought about my favorite reality show presenter

another day recall fav period drama

another day revisited the book I loved.

one afternoon was thinking about an old friend

one evening watched fav artist

It’s not a coincidence.

That’s my conclusion when found the common link.

It’s the key to your sub conscience. 

Password to your deepest thoughts which even you unaware of.

Note to myself – Don’t lie to yourself, you just can’t.

Fill your life book with all your favorite stuff and keep it safe from world.

© S.Anand



Some random thoughts……

Since many people from art and poetry world appreciated my last fearful post, I dare to post some of my lines of thought. It was written from a stupid and funny incident that made me inspired.


Hardihood !!

There was a girl, sitting on a chair

She put some mud pack on her face

She was so busy that she forgets to take a bath,

Then she wake up and rush to the work

Drive so fast and crush the turf,

Road was full with suffocation

And her mind by cynical pollution,

Never had she seen a single bird in the sky

And some hues of butterfly,

There were some roses on her computer

And some tulips wall posters,

One day she found how dead her around!

And then she turns all down

Later she stopped at every corner and nook

Smell some lilies and salute the troops,

Then she visited green and fair

Blushed her chicks and swirl the hair,

Tasted all the spices under the roof

Blend the life with hardihood.

S. Anand