Love is deaf and dumb but not expensive.

I’m going to share two real life incidents which I have witnessed and being part of them. I feel fortunate to experience these events and people who made my beliefs strong in humanity and goodness……….sheer goodness.

These stories have social as well as personal aspect of our life plus current political reflection on common man.

Last Diwali I was shopping with my mother and both of us decided to take a break as we were feeling exhausted. We went into a juice restaurant and ordered 2 pine-appeal juice. Few minutes later there came a couple with a 5-6 month old baby. Both of them sitting opposite of us.

They ordered something and asked the price of it. The guy replied 25rs. Couple discussed that it will be expensive spend 50rs. on 2 glass of juice. They walked out of restaurant because they couldn’t afford it.

I have witnessed the live impact of inflation on common man who earn hard money, who pay taxes and who do not beg. Things have gone way worse for labour and middle class who try to live with dignity and pride.

Yesterday I was in retail store with my mother when we saw a familiar face. We saw a young couple with a gorgeous baby. My mother started talking with them and later I joined the conversation. It was a special conversation as we were talking with signs and symbols. Everyone around us was looking curious and little amazed by our gesture.

The couple was Vaishali and her husband. She is an employee in my mother’s office. She is deaf and dumb but she has very good account and computer skills. Her parents are well-educated and her father is retired officer. They had decided that to protect their daughter, they will not force her to marry. She is born with this disability.

But later came a guy who was educated and absolutely “normal” in our words. He got married to her and left his home-town since she was working elsewhere. Now they have a 2-year-old beautiful daughter and he also doing a job. He always take her to shopping and most of the time , he does it all.

I felt fortunate and blessed to witness such real life love stories which are only available in movies or books. These days even movies are worthless. If you are lucky enough, you might have seen such great people in your home or around. Finally if you think that love is all about charm, attraction, sex and money, relationships need space and freedom then you are still in the queue. There are people who exits and believes and act in love for the sake of love.