Things you can’t ignore !!

These days we all become kind of expert in ignoring. Ignoring our emotions, avoiding our relations, easily forgetting about our neighbourhoods, being cool about what’s happening around us…..there is one medium called media which never let us ignore anything and quietly help us forgetting everything because we the people have short memory!!

Can you ignore spring arrival? can we ignore beautiful blossom and butterflies of season? can we ignore snowfall? can we ignore cheesy gossips of politicians and good for nothing people? Can we ignore launch of new gadget or game? and still we successfully ignore wars, pains, corruption and suffering of people.

When my state Maharashtra is burning in fire of drought, at the same time there are people who are enjoying cricket and having fun all sort of way. The amount of water being wasting on organizing these matches in this state, could better been used for drought region, quite close to cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.

This picture is common all around !

Politicians are using filthy methods to tackle such a terrible situation. and what are people doing? farmers are burning their own farms of oranges because there is no water for them. and amount of money to cut the farms is more than they can afford. Children, senior citizens and all people in the families only trying to get some water from various sources, leaving all the daily work behind.

Who is responsible for this drought? beside the all mighty nature, the same filthy politicians who thinks providing water to a beverage or beer industry is important than thirsty dying people and animals. People who think that money can bring smile on people’s face who don’t have water to drink. According to one study this is the worst drought since last 400 years. Famous historic resources of water which had been hundreds of years old are dry now. And yes again we successfully ignored all this. Until and unless we face any such problem, we keep moving on within our little pond.

P.S. – These days spring means the new collection of fashionable trends for many people.

BODO – Essence of Aasam, killed by illegal Bangladeshi!

It’s been more than three days Assam is burning and people are suffering from violence. Who is responsible for this massacre? Definitely the government of Assam and Chief minister Tarun Gogoi and home minister P.Chidambaram.

More than 10000 people flee their villages and homes due to panic and violence. Government is watching silently for their own political vote bank. Illegal migrant Bangladeshi Muslims who entered India through borders are main reason behind this unrest.

These illegal people killed BoDo people and created unrest in peaceful state of Assam. BODO are ethnic people of Assam who have fought for BODO land and in result a non autonomous region called BODO land exits under Bodo Territorial Council.

BODOs are always been farmer and attached to the land in some or other form. Like many other tribes of North – East , they have been nationalist groups with unique culture and identities. They have rich culture, art, music and traditions of hundred of years.

Problem started when Bangladeshi entered through long border of North – East Indian area. They are doing it since many decades. Vulnerable borders and weak policies of government made it easy for them. In last few years terrorist organizations like HuJi and ISI are using these routes to spread their elements in locales.

These terrorist organizations are backed by Pakistani groups such as Jamat-Ut-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Tayyba. They are smuggling drugs, arms, explosives and fake currency to damage Indian economy.

Unfortunately current Indian government is soft on such people because they act as big number of vote bank as Muslim groups. But the problem has spread beyond Assam. It’s been said that more than 8 lakh Bangladeshi illegal migrant live now in Mumbai alone. These criminal and illegal groups have created terrorist sleeper cells in India.

Assam riots are fall out of such terror groups who wish to create permanent divide between people of Assam and impose their own identity. Government of India should strictly handle these people and seal the borders for future peace establishment. Sonia Gandhi should not remained silent and Tarun Gogoi should act before it’s too late.

Strong and permanent measures need to be taken on cross – border terrorism. Illegal Bangladeshi should be identified around the country and deported back to their nation.

Abu Hamza 26/11 ring master – closed to – NCP leader! Part II

Abu Hamza alias Abu Jindal was born and brought up in Beed, Maharashtra. Indian investigation agencies were looking for him since 26/11 attacks and recently he was found in Saudi Arabia. Hamaza’s extradition to India was very difficult due to his identification complications and Saudi laws. United State agencies helped Indian agencies to confirm Hamza’s identity and he brought down to India.

Abu Hamza alias Ansari was member of SIMI which is a banned terror organization. His first big act of terror was destroyed when in Aurangabad on 9th May 2006 , police recovered 43kg RDX in a Tata Sumo. Hamza was going to take delivery of these explosive but that plan failed and he fled to Mumbai with his two partners, named Ejaz and Jaggi.

Three of them stayed in MLA hostel at NCP leader room. The Nationalist Congress Party politician who had provided safe adobe to Hamza, Jaggi and Ejaz, is now minister in Maharashtra government and her name is Faujia Khan. If investigating agencies will investigate more and found Jaggi, it is possible that many layers of this story could be unfold.

Pakistan has tried despartely to prove Hamza as Pakistani citizen but their efforts failed due to strong evidence provided by Indian investigating agencies. Hamza is closely associated  with Lashkar – e – Taiyyba i.e. LeT and his leader Hafiz Saeed.

Abu Hamza worked in Saudi Arabia for one year as religious preacher. This whole story proved that Hamaza received local support from politicians. These politicians are deliberately  working against national interest for religious purposes. People of India demand strict action against people like Faujia Khan for their anti – national activities. More on SIMI and blind and deaf administration of Indian government in next post.

Who is Abu Hamza and Jindal ? The ring master of 26/11!! Part – I

Everyone remember the brutal night when Mumbai was under attack from all around and people were killed. Many brave cops died while fighting terrorist and one of them succeeded to caught Kasab.

Later many faces were identified who were responsible for this attack, one of them was David Headly, another was Let chief Hafiz Saeed and a group called ISI.

Kasab has appeared in court many times and in one of his statement Kasab said that an Indian origin person was giving them instruction on sat phone. That person taught them Hindi and things about Mumbai and its culture. He had given them training for terrorist attack on Mumbai. Since then investigating agencies were looking for that person. Investigation was going around few names which finally closed down to Abu Hamza!

Abu Hamza was caught and brought to India recently. He has given statement to agencies that ISI was core behind 26/11 attack.  Abu Hamaza has changed 27 names during his visits in different countries. His real name is Ansari and he belongs from a city called Beed. His awful and terrifying  journey started in 2006 and he stayed in Mumbai’s MLA hostel at a minister’s room. That person is Nationalist Congress Party minister now in government. Continued……………

When Common Man perform his duty………A “hero” falls!

Since last year “The common man of India” showing and expressing his strength and anger against corrupt system. Anna Hazare acted as that catalyst who stimulate the soul of Indian society which was in slumber since last 60 years.

Here comes another example of solidarity of common man. When he performs his duty honestly and stand firm against all the odds , he can move the empires and so-called hero falls!

I’m talking about the man who has done his job honestly as he was doing since last 7 years.

Name : Vikas Balkrishna Dalvi

Address : Transit building, Kholi no . 20, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

Occupation : Security Guard, Wankhade Stadium, MCA, Mumbai.

Dreams : Good education and jobs for his 2 children.

The Common Man

Vikas Dalvi lives in a transit building, in a room of 10×12. The building is temporary and stand on polls. He has two children whom he wants to get good education and job.

Vikas Dalvi was performing his duty as usual on Wankhade stadium when he saw some children playing on ground after the IPL match about 10:45pm. He whistled and asked those children to evacuate the ground.

Suddenly someone came from his back yelling and shouting. He saw that it was none other than IPL Team owner Sharukh Khan. Vikas Dalvi remain firm and whistled again to evacute the place.

But the ego of a self proclaimed king shattered when he saw that a common security guard is remain unaffected by his abusive words and violent behavior. Here the so-called hero or idol fall to disgrace rather exposed to world when a common man stood strong!

According to predication, this century and coming years will be beginning of new Renaissance. You can see the revolution in Egypt, protest in India, occupy wall street etc. This is one of those incident which proves that 21st century is an era of common man!