Netaji SubhashChandra Bose ….. Mystery of Martyr.

Recently government of India declassified most of sensitive top-secret files related to hero of Indian freedom struggle Netaji Subhashchandra Bose.
Bose is the most inspiring freedom hero and founder of Azad Hind Sena ie.e INA(Indian National Army) whose disappearance or rather death remains unsolved. Recent declassified documents is the outcome of author and Bose historian Anuj Dhar’s efforts.

Jai Hind

Jai Hind

Documents revealed some very sensitive information about previous governments who reportedly spied on Bose family.
But government still holding back some very sensitive information which might damage our ties with other country (as per government).
Nevertheless, many things came out of shadows and many answers been found. But still many questions remained unanswered and new questions raised.
Hopefully, not too late as 65 years, we will have remaining files to be made public, very soon. In the mean time efforts of people like Anuj Dhar and who love and cherish Bose need to be continued.
Here are the details of declassified documents by Anuj Dhar.
*Anuj Dhar is the author of best-selling book India’s Biggest Cover-Up
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On the horizon of the future………

Diwali lights are still hanging on my terrace and gracing many houses of neighbours. Although Diwali has gone but people are celebrating dev Diwali , kartik and Gurnanak poornima ahead. Beautiful moonlight drizzling with winters and Christmas on the door.

Diwali Kandil

I was just strolling outside and a beautiful Diwali kandil was swinging on music of wind. It was such an amazing view, everything was looking perfect and heavenly. The same bore neighbourhood was looking like picture perfect view. I was standing on the corner of my house near the end of the road and looking at the other end of the road. It was like someone has put the movie set with perfect lights and ambience. Then I thought that a lot had happened last year.

Many tensions and stress which we had gone and still fighting. Many burdens have been shed off and many lies ahead. Sometimes I wonder how I survived……only help of God and how time surprises us when you least expect!

Merry Christmas

What lies on the horizon of future , nobody knows. I wish that everyone has a horizon full of colors and sparkles.

2G to the “G” , summary of all the epic events in recent times!!

I haven’t written since few months. In these times I had began to write many times and every time I found myself in double mind. I realized that when I decided upon one subject, there is another issue ready to hit my mind. I finalized to write a brief of all the events around us.

It all started with CWG and Kalamadi spend some time in jail. Now he’s out and doing very good again. Raja and Kanimozi also out and joined one of the parliamentary committee. People have protested against this move of UPA government but Manmohan Singh needed valuable experience of Kanimozi and Raja for his government.

IAC became political and Anna Hazare made a great decision to remain an activist. I would like to thanks Annaji because we people need someone to lookup as we don’t have any faith in political class.

Arvind Kejriwal started his party with a boom and it will be a very good experiment for all social groups to see how they go ahead. Even if they fail, people will gain ultimately.

Assam violence and Bangladesh issue was very bad management of UPA and definitely political ground for them. Mumbai violence was a warning for the security forces and common man of this country. Police has learned their lesson from Mumbai incident and people saw the faces who destroyed Shaheed monument.

I have mentioned the role of Robert Wadra( Wadhera) in 2G scam with Etisalat in my earlier post. Dr. Swamy has enough intel on Wadra’s involvement in 2G. IAC dare the first family i.e. Gandhi . We must congratulate IAC and Anna who gave us courage to raise question and talk about corruption of top leaders in this country.

There are still some people in media who believe that “G” people are beyond scrutiny and judgement. Some media houses are openly supporting UPA corruption as they involved in  it themselves.

Then came the Coal Scam which has scored a 100 for Manmohan Singh and he lost few remaining points he collected. PM tried to achieved the old status he had in foreign media by introducing FDI and removing subsidies. But people will definitely give return gift to PM in upcoming elections.

There is one man who I want to thank and congratulate for raising corruption issue i.e. Mr. Vinod Rai, Auditor General , CAG. This year belongs to you sir!!

Passing year came with news of revival of Sikh terror groups in Punjab. Punjab state government supporting and building a memorial of terrorist in Golden Temple for political purposes. But the UPA government again showing their great ability of bad management while handling such elements.

Sonia Gandhi and family seems unaffected by all the things happening in the country which is very obvious and natural. Robert Wadra accepted that India is banana republic and his mother in law running it very well.

In the mean time , biggest festival season has already started in India and I wish you all great times! Common man is wondering how he going to pay extra 1000 for one cylinder. I’m also planning my budget since it seems that I have to pay almost extra 5000 for rest of the LPG.

KFC restaurant in Banglore has been sealed after food and drug department found worms in finger licking good chicken. Another example of how MNC works in India. Walmart bought share in Bharti even before government given nod for FDI in retail. People should get ready for bigger challenges in coming time.

FDI in pension and insurance came last week and it’s official now that your hard-earned money is not your. Actually it was never belonged to people who are working hard and paying taxes. Politicians blown it in scams since ages. Now it’s time for world to participate in the loot!!

So if you are planning to have fun with family and friends in this festive season, remember you might end up paying extra money for poisoned food plus you will get serious health issues. Don’t get tempt by those tacky commercials on tv which invites you to end up in trendy restaurants and food chains of MNCs . Take care!


Abu Hamza 26/11 ring master – closed to – NCP leader! Part II

Abu Hamza alias Abu Jindal was born and brought up in Beed, Maharashtra. Indian investigation agencies were looking for him since 26/11 attacks and recently he was found in Saudi Arabia. Hamaza’s extradition to India was very difficult due to his identification complications and Saudi laws. United State agencies helped Indian agencies to confirm Hamza’s identity and he brought down to India.

Abu Hamza alias Ansari was member of SIMI which is a banned terror organization. His first big act of terror was destroyed when in Aurangabad on 9th May 2006 , police recovered 43kg RDX in a Tata Sumo. Hamza was going to take delivery of these explosive but that plan failed and he fled to Mumbai with his two partners, named Ejaz and Jaggi.

Three of them stayed in MLA hostel at NCP leader room. The Nationalist Congress Party politician who had provided safe adobe to Hamza, Jaggi and Ejaz, is now minister in Maharashtra government and her name is Faujia Khan. If investigating agencies will investigate more and found Jaggi, it is possible that many layers of this story could be unfold.

Pakistan has tried despartely to prove Hamza as Pakistani citizen but their efforts failed due to strong evidence provided by Indian investigating agencies. Hamza is closely associated  with Lashkar – e – Taiyyba i.e. LeT and his leader Hafiz Saeed.

Abu Hamza worked in Saudi Arabia for one year as religious preacher. This whole story proved that Hamaza received local support from politicians. These politicians are deliberately  working against national interest for religious purposes. People of India demand strict action against people like Faujia Khan for their anti – national activities. More on SIMI and blind and deaf administration of Indian government in next post.

Who is Abu Hamza and Jindal ? The ring master of 26/11!! Part – I

Everyone remember the brutal night when Mumbai was under attack from all around and people were killed. Many brave cops died while fighting terrorist and one of them succeeded to caught Kasab.

Later many faces were identified who were responsible for this attack, one of them was David Headly, another was Let chief Hafiz Saeed and a group called ISI.

Kasab has appeared in court many times and in one of his statement Kasab said that an Indian origin person was giving them instruction on sat phone. That person taught them Hindi and things about Mumbai and its culture. He had given them training for terrorist attack on Mumbai. Since then investigating agencies were looking for that person. Investigation was going around few names which finally closed down to Abu Hamza!

Abu Hamza was caught and brought to India recently. He has given statement to agencies that ISI was core behind 26/11 attack.  Abu Hamaza has changed 27 names during his visits in different countries. His real name is Ansari and he belongs from a city called Beed. His awful and terrifying  journey started in 2006 and he stayed in Mumbai’s MLA hostel at a minister’s room. That person is Nationalist Congress Party minister now in government. Continued……………

Tadoba – Hell For Tigers, Brutal Reality! Where Is Environment Minister Of India?

I have visited Tadoba Tiger Reserve with my parents quite long time back. It was beautiful and peaceful place back in 80s. Tadoba was less populated and exposed. I clearly remember the deep woods along roadside. I can not forget dark alligators in slumber mood but what I keep recall was our urge to see the tiger. We have tried very hard to get the view of tiger and then we had a distant view from a point.

This memory and today’s scenario is quite opposite to each other. Today anyone can easily see tigers in Tadoba, dead and cut in pieces! I’m having so much pain while writing this. I don’t know who is environment minister of India because he/she is still silent on this incident. I believe time has come that we should hand over security of our animals and jungles to armed forces because we definitely can not trust politicians and bureaucrats.

Incident happened on 18th May 2012, in Tadoba – Andhari Reserve of Chandrapur, Maharashtra. This incident happened just 18km away from Chandrapur near Moharli area. A dead tiger cut in 10 pieces found near a road inside sanctuary. Tiger was found cut in 8 to 10 pieces and his paws were missing and head was cut.

Feel The Pain, Save The Tiger!

Tire marks of a four-wheeler were found near the site. A surgical glove was found stuck in tiger body. It has been assumed in initial investigation that tiger has been killed by giving electric shock. It seems that tiger was killed at some other place and his body pieces been thrown there. It was a big grown up tiger said medical examiner.

It was last week when Tadoba received threat and it was on hi – alert since then. Unfortunately, they failed to save tigers.

Prime-minster Manmohan Singh formed a task force and  many television channels still promoting Save Tiger campaign. I’m wondering why they failed to report this brutal incident but again there is much important things going on like scandals and brawls.

It is stupid to expect any line from Manmohan Singh because he hardly utters any word outside parliament ( most of the time he look a sheer statue in assembly).

When Mr. Jairam Ramesh was environment minister, he made a meeting with his Chines counter part. China is main market of tiger skin and body parts. Chines tiger mafia is main force behind killing of tigers. I’m afraid that UPA government has going to ruin the great heritage of India just like they are ruined mangroves of Mumbai.

This is my appeal to all tiger lovers around the world that they should give their efforts to save this heavenly creature. Picture above might upset sensitive people, but let us feel the pain of our Tigers!

When Common Man perform his duty………A “hero” falls!

Since last year “The common man of India” showing and expressing his strength and anger against corrupt system. Anna Hazare acted as that catalyst who stimulate the soul of Indian society which was in slumber since last 60 years.

Here comes another example of solidarity of common man. When he performs his duty honestly and stand firm against all the odds , he can move the empires and so-called hero falls!

I’m talking about the man who has done his job honestly as he was doing since last 7 years.

Name : Vikas Balkrishna Dalvi

Address : Transit building, Kholi no . 20, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

Occupation : Security Guard, Wankhade Stadium, MCA, Mumbai.

Dreams : Good education and jobs for his 2 children.

The Common Man

Vikas Dalvi lives in a transit building, in a room of 10×12. The building is temporary and stand on polls. He has two children whom he wants to get good education and job.

Vikas Dalvi was performing his duty as usual on Wankhade stadium when he saw some children playing on ground after the IPL match about 10:45pm. He whistled and asked those children to evacuate the ground.

Suddenly someone came from his back yelling and shouting. He saw that it was none other than IPL Team owner Sharukh Khan. Vikas Dalvi remain firm and whistled again to evacute the place.

But the ego of a self proclaimed king shattered when he saw that a common security guard is remain unaffected by his abusive words and violent behavior. Here the so-called hero or idol fall to disgrace rather exposed to world when a common man stood strong!

According to predication, this century and coming years will be beginning of new Renaissance. You can see the revolution in Egypt, protest in India, occupy wall street etc. This is one of those incident which proves that 21st century is an era of common man!