Sanatan Fabric

Bilva patra or Bael patra are the part of Sanatan Dharma since forever. Month of Shravan is specially important for all Sanatan believers and so does the Bilva.


Rudra’s love for bilva started when a nishadh offered them to him. Bilva became part of Sanatan traditions and household. There are certain rules and norms for picking up the Bael patra. Just like the rules to offer them.

Such rich traditions over many thousands years woven the delicate fabric of Indian society. There are special communities which used to be picked up Bilva and delivered it to all people. In exchange they have been given grains and food on daily or monthly basis. Some of them also paid.

त्रिदलं  त्रिगुणाकारं  त्रिनेत्रं  च  त्रयायुधम्
त्रिजन्म पापसंहारम् बिल्वपत्रं शिवार्पणं ।1।

This community still following the Anaadi traditions. I came across one of the person who still pursue this job. This is his probably 10th generation. He don’t take money on daily basis but monthly payment or food. He is not rich or middle class but he does his work like worship.


People and communities like him are part of ancient fabric of Sanatan dharma. It’s human nature to form socialize and form groups. They can be form on many basis. From specific coffee lover’s club to specific color lover’s society. Humans like to attach themselves to some groups which they can identify with own traits.

Sanatan dharma is the Anaadi system that reflects and nourish the human traits of social connect. Which makes an unparalleled system and invisible economy which helped the Indian subcontinent to survive and flourish despite the most invasion in human history.

On the horizon of the future………

Diwali lights are still hanging on my terrace and gracing many houses of neighbours. Although Diwali has gone but people are celebrating dev Diwali , kartik and Gurnanak poornima ahead. Beautiful moonlight drizzling with winters and Christmas on the door.

Diwali Kandil

I was just strolling outside and a beautiful Diwali kandil was swinging on music of wind. It was such an amazing view, everything was looking perfect and heavenly. The same bore neighbourhood was looking like picture perfect view. I was standing on the corner of my house near the end of the road and looking at the other end of the road. It was like someone has put the movie set with perfect lights and ambience. Then I thought that a lot had happened last year.

Many tensions and stress which we had gone and still fighting. Many burdens have been shed off and many lies ahead. Sometimes I wonder how I survived……only help of God and how time surprises us when you least expect!

Merry Christmas

What lies on the horizon of future , nobody knows. I wish that everyone has a horizon full of colors and sparkles.