Who Were They !

They came in life when you needed someone.

They welcomed you, unexpectedly.

You were vulnerable and weak.

You were naive and innocent.

They nurtured you, selflessly.


They haven’t asked anything, after all these years.

You don’t invite them on birthdays,

neither recall them occasionally.

They are not in contact with you, regularly.

Still once in the blue moon, you remember them.

They were like miracles ; you never realized.

Until you looked back, into the past.

When you were lost, in the forest ;

(While you thought, you were walking the path)

They crossed your path, to hold your hand.

They were not your friends nor foes.

They were not your kin nor partners.

They came for a moment, that saved you.

Who were they ? tender souls !

© S.Anand

One good thought….worth it all !

Recently I encountered harsh reality of life which is uncertainty. We all swim through this feeling for our entire life but sometime high waves of unprecedented things shake us. Then we realize that life is more than what we assume.


When career calls, we run like crazy. When relationship stalls, we go down. Most of time money makes us forget all things. That one tiny thought which keep lingering in mind, stays there forever. A wish to do something for someone, a desire to overcome own desires, an idea to grow that rose in your garden and an attempt to take care of something which is beyond your arms !

We keep abandoning that one good thought which tickles our heart time to time. And when life shakes us , we pamper that thought. If there is anything, however small, insignificant it might seem but which makes you feel beyond self, do it.

If you wish to say sorry or thank you to a stranger or a friend, say it. If you wish to pray for someone, do it – He is listening. It’s good to see real you in the mirror sometime and hate that bad person. It’s not a sin to be greedy for love and happiness.

Carrying the baggage of old papers and junkyard is a great things ! You are taking care of memories. Until few days I asked myself what was stopping me for years? answer was nothing ! May be being calculative is good for business but it makes life stagnant. Don’t look around because some might be winning gold, some conquering Everest, some dying nameless and some living in misery ! You don’t belong to either of them.

(c) Kinross (Marshall) Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

You need not to conquer Everest to make worth of it. One good thought that will create good is worth for life ! Remember some heroes also died nameless and some frauds have won real Gold ! So don’t put yourself in any mold, make you own.  Higher goal is not name or fame. Sooner or later goodness will call you and then you will have no regrets !


Time to think about yourself……Happy New Year !

Do I sound selfish ? of course not. It’s time for holidays, new plans, family and friends, gifts and charity…….it’s party time. Religious or not, we all love holidays and fun !!

Time to gear up for that list you were planning since lifetime. May be you are not planning that long, in that case time for that little trip you were thinking over months, food that you are craving for, friends those need to be contacted because you haven’t wish them on right time, family that is waiting for you, book that you like to buy and probably read…..dvd which you always wanted to watch, crazy idea you always wish to pursue……things you holding up inside and like to share with someone……fight that you haven’t fought……..sorry that you haven’t said……grudge that is still in your mind…….fear that stopping you…..game that you love to play……tradition that you wish to break…..dress that you love to wear…….the list is endless.

new year

All you have to do just to take first step towards your wish. Wish you all Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true !!

What can fairytale do for you….find your own Fairytale!!

After a long time I watched a fairytale and it was so refreshing. I was feeling like a child who got her favourite candy. Then I realize the need of fairytale in our life. Here fairytale did not mean fairytale romances. Romance is just one part of fairy-tales. But what makes a simple and ordinary story, a fairytale?


A kiss? magic? or something else? Each fairytale which me and you heard, no matter which part of the world or culture, it has magic and emotions. More importantly every fairytale has basic human emotions presented simply. Friendship and family are the core values of many fairy-tales. Each princess or prince has caring friends and loved ones. And magic? What is magic? Magic is what seems incredible and impossible in our life but possible elsewhere!

We all want the fantasies of books in our life but we ignore incredible things around us. Everyone has their own definition and meaning of fairytale. For instance an evening walk under the moon could be someone’s desire and a dinner with loved ones could be for others.

I know many of us want to get discover by someone while we strolling in the woods. You want to find the enchantress or the solider just like La belle de Merci……..


We all want a fairy-parent who will do unexpected things for us. What about romances? Do we really want a prince or princess? Probably we want someone us to love and treat like prince or princess. We want that feeling which will make us feel unique and special in this world !

Everyday amazing things happens around us but we fail to recognize or realize these real life fairy-tales. Just like I have shared my personal experiences in earlier post. Although 21st century is seems unfit for fairytale romances. And I’m not talking about royal affairs and weddings because money can’t make fairy-tales!!

Money could be one reason for the story. You might have realized that all the fairy-tales ultimately seeks love, peace and adventure instead of money!!

Flowers, music and beauty are the cherry on the cake. It’s the goodness and purity which makes everything possible. So if you are in search of adventure of a lifetime then you have to open your view beyond time. A fairytale can create positive energy and change your view towards life. You can find your own fairytale or being part of it, if you as human act as  human ! That’s what everyone do in fairy-tales ; people and creatures in fairy-tales never pretend like someone else. They think and act exactly like their character. So go ahead and find your role and you might discover a fairytale around the corner!!