Who Were They !

They came in life when you needed someone.

They welcomed you, unexpectedly.

You were vulnerable and weak.

You were naive and innocent.

They nurtured you, selflessly.


They haven’t asked anything, after all these years.

You don’t invite them on birthdays,

neither recall them occasionally.

They are not in contact with you, regularly.

Still once in the blue moon, you remember them.

They were like miracles ; you never realized.

Until you looked back, into the past.

When you were lost, in the forest ;

(While you thought, you were walking the path)

They crossed your path, to hold your hand.

They were not your friends nor foes.

They were not your kin nor partners.

They came for a moment, that saved you.

Who were they ? tender souls !

© S.Anand

With a heavy heart……to stomach !

I can not express my self better than above title. As festive season started, consumerism is at its peak. Millions of people life is depend on this season when buyer spend beyond his limits.

As every festival teach us compassion, human values, harmony and social traits, consumerism teaches us hard lesson.

Charity lies between these two sets – buyer and benefactor. My heart sunken when I came across a complex situation. A lady came to sell some soap products to my mother’s office. She was looking awfully sad.

When asked, she told us that she lives with charitable foundation for underprivileged women. She was in her late 50s and unmarried. Her eyesight was weak. Upon asking, she said that she need money for eye surgery.

Joseph Decamp The Blue Cup, 1858-1923

But the sad part was about to come. She requested my mother and her employees to buy at least one bottle of product. Many agreed and many denied politely. When asked about her constant request, she replied ,’I have to sell at least 30 bottles per day, only then I will get my dinner.’ started crying.

It moved me and rest of us. She said that many women like her are selling these products just to earn one time meal. They get only two sets of clothes for a year. And if someone wish to help them, have to give written details.

So we decided to buy some products. Few other people offered charity. But she denied and said if they will give in written only then she can accept. Honesty can live with humble.

Then we completed her day target. Offered her written charity. Hopefully for her eye surgery. Which left me sad……..speechless. Modern concept of charity became consumerism. Today people buy from heart and share with mind !! Hope it can be reversed !!


Hafiz Saeed – Pakistan’s Original Sin!

Hafiz Saeed, very much protected by Pakistani Authorities.

Till now all of you know who is Hafiz Saeed. Hafiz is founder Lashkar-e-Taiyyba, a terrorist group which is active in Indian sub – continent since last two decades. LeT was formed with motive of creating violence and chaos in Indian territory. Later Let was banned and Hafiz found a new way to achieve popularity among masses of Pakistan by doing charity.

Jammat – ud- Dawa, is Hafiz’s organization which claimed to be political and social front in Pakistan. Let was banned by Pak, US an Indian government after terrorist attacks on Indian Parliament in 2001 and 2008 Mumbai attack.

Hafiz has been favourite of extremist inside Pak and he is also linked with Al -Qaeda. It has been found that Osama Bin Laden and Hafiz Saeed was in contact with each other.

But what is the link between these two terrorist minds?  – ISI

Inter Service Intelligence, ISI is an authorized military and intelligence service of Pakistan government which openly support Hafiz and his organization. ISI provides safe shelter to Hafiz and his activities. Hafiz openly moves and held rallies in Pakistan just like any other politician.

Former ISI Chief, Hamid Gul openly admitted that he had met Hafiz Saeed in past and they( ISI + Army) will keep supporting Hafiz Saeed. Hamid Gul also challenge international community to stop him from supporting Saeed.

Hafiz Mohd. Saeed is an original extremist created and protected by Pakistani authorities as well as many extremist groups. He gained popularity among masses by his charity which he uses to spread extremist policies and provoked people for terrorism.

Those who were looking forward to Al – Jawaharee are actually now keeping eye on Hafiz Saeed. Saeed has everything which Osama lacked. He has full funding, security and support from Pakistan government. He is still very confident and crazy that no one can touch him.

Some cases have been filed on him in the Pakistani court but all failed due to lack of evidence. Indian government ask for Hafiz Saeed voice sample about 26/11 attacks but Pak authorities clearly denied it.

Hafiz Saeed said that he is doing great work of society( He build many schools which actually preach terrorism) and he is open to talk with US. Look at his attitude!

Pakistan government and army nurtured Hafiz Saeed and his groups since years.  It will be difficult for both US and Pak to deal with this masked terrorist.