Tadoba – Hell For Tigers, Brutal Reality! Where Is Environment Minister Of India?

I have visited Tadoba Tiger Reserve with my parents quite long time back. It was beautiful and peaceful place back in 80s. Tadoba was less populated and exposed. I clearly remember the deep woods along roadside. I can not forget dark alligators in slumber mood but what I keep recall was our urge to see the tiger. We have tried very hard to get the view of tiger and then we had a distant view from a point.

This memory and today’s scenario is quite opposite to each other. Today anyone can easily see tigers in Tadoba, dead and cut in pieces! I’m having so much pain while writing this. I don’t know who is environment minister of India because he/she is still silent on this incident. I believe time has come that we should hand over security of our animals and jungles to armed forces because we definitely can not trust politicians and bureaucrats.

Incident happened on 18th May 2012, in Tadoba – Andhari Reserve of Chandrapur, Maharashtra. This incident happened just 18km away from Chandrapur near Moharli area. A dead tiger cut in 10 pieces found near a road inside sanctuary. Tiger was found cut in 8 to 10 pieces and his paws were missing and head was cut.

Feel The Pain, Save The Tiger!

Tire marks of a four-wheeler were found near the site. A surgical glove was found stuck in tiger body. It has been assumed in initial investigation that tiger has been killed by giving electric shock. It seems that tiger was killed at some other place and his body pieces been thrown there. It was a big grown up tiger said medical examiner.

It was last week when Tadoba received threat and it was on hi – alert since then. Unfortunately, they failed to save tigers.

Prime-minster Manmohan Singh formed a task force and  many television channels still promoting Save Tiger campaign. I’m wondering why they failed to report this brutal incident but again there is much important things going on like scandals and brawls.

It is stupid to expect any line from Manmohan Singh because he hardly utters any word outside parliament ( most of the time he look a sheer statue in assembly).

When Mr. Jairam Ramesh was environment minister, he made a meeting with his Chines counter part. China is main market of tiger skin and body parts. Chines tiger mafia is main force behind killing of tigers. I’m afraid that UPA government has going to ruin the great heritage of India just like they are ruined mangroves of Mumbai.

This is my appeal to all tiger lovers around the world that they should give their efforts to save this heavenly creature. Picture above might upset sensitive people, but let us feel the pain of our Tigers!