To August


Wish I could steal it like

a silk thread of moments

or burn them in everlasting

fire of infinity.

You have given me twice

the love, why.

Then you torn apart me

from the bloom.

Twice the severance and

countless fall.

And now I’m be-muse

forever in the autumn.

And you are there

looking at the sky like

a free bird.

Like a giant tree

and the warm shadow.

Like a sweet kiss or

the time-lapse.

Why did you come August !

Copyright ©S.Anand




August ….


It was soaked in shower,

some moments of sweet joy.

Reminiscence of forefather.

Hope that last forever,

forever till you last.

And the obligations,

to carry the echo.

Longer than my longing breath.

August, been there,

almost providential !

© S.Anand