Getting back and staying connected !

I took another long break but only because I was busy on other forums, doing some social stuff. No, not tweeting or making friends on Facebook. I was there, writing some responsible act for our armed forces. So much happened in the meantime and seems that a circle is completed as economy troubles are back worldwide.

Well, other issues like terrorism was never gone, always hitting us closely. Good thing is festive season is back and I pray that each one of us will find a reason to celebrate, no matter how small it is. For the sake of good times, let’s be hopeful.

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Wish you all great times, health and happiness.

General V.K.Singh, Defense Ministry,Tectra deal, Rafael deal and Choppers deal…..And more to come!

General V.K.Singh and A.K.Anthony

I’m pretty sure that most of you, just like me wondering that what is going on? How many loose ends? Which story this is all about? To answer your anxiety, I will try to simplify the mess.

First, this is not about war between General V.K.Singh and Ministry of defense.  Second, if you have read my earlier post about a month ago, I have warned about another Bofors in making!

Now the most important key factor that people should know about defense deals i.e. Neither Army nor Air Force and not even Navy, has right to make deal with any group or arms manufacturers. All defense deal been made in Delhi by our politicians and bureaucrats.

Then what do Armed Forces do while making an arms deal?

Government takes suggestion, recommendations and objections of all 3 Chiefs of Armed Forces. They can forward or demand specific requirements of concerned department.

Hence, many arms dealers try to influence the hi – officials of armed forces  to win their opinions with the help of middle – men. These middle – men are highly qualified and experienced people, either retired armed forces officers or politically connected highly influential people. They have been paid about 5% – 15% commission for each deal they crack.

Hence, the man who offered General V.K.Singh bribe must be backed by mighty businessman. He tried to influenced General’s opinion about trucks.

Now, Rafael deal, there are some irregularities about deal and uncertainties about sharing technology and science. Hopefully, this story will unfolds before us because this is the biggest deal.

There is another scam happening in case of Delhi Police’s choppers deal with an Italian company which openly offered bribe to seal the deal in it’s official document.

Ministry of defense is the center of all the happenings. The intelligence and wickedness of defense ministry bureaucrats has overtaken the honesty of Mr. Anthony!

Whether it’s General V.K.Singh or Anthony, both are honest, one is capable, another helpless politician, their efforts are not enough to crack down the brutal arm lobbies inside the system.

General V.K.Singh has done what he can, going out if his way, A.K.Anthony ordered CBI probe, the last thing he can do, but neither the PM Manmohan Singh nor his headgear Sonia Gandhi care about it!