Abu Hamza 26/11 ring master – closed to – NCP leader! Part II

Abu Hamza alias Abu Jindal was born and brought up in Beed, Maharashtra. Indian investigation agencies were looking for him since 26/11 attacks and recently he was found in Saudi Arabia. Hamaza’s extradition to India was very difficult due to his identification complications and Saudi laws. United State agencies helped Indian agencies to confirm Hamza’s identity and he brought down to India.

Abu Hamza alias Ansari was member of SIMI which is a banned terror organization. His first big act of terror was destroyed when in Aurangabad on 9th May 2006 , police recovered 43kg RDX in a Tata Sumo. Hamza was going to take delivery of these explosive but that plan failed and he fled to Mumbai with his two partners, named Ejaz and Jaggi.

Three of them stayed in MLA hostel at NCP leader room. The Nationalist Congress Party politician who had provided safe adobe to Hamza, Jaggi and Ejaz, is now minister in Maharashtra government and her name is Faujia Khan. If investigating agencies will investigate more and found Jaggi, it is possible that many layers of this story could be unfold.

Pakistan has tried despartely to prove Hamza as Pakistani citizen but their efforts failed due to strong evidence provided by Indian investigating agencies. Hamza is closely associated  with Lashkar – e – Taiyyba i.e. LeT and his leader Hafiz Saeed.

Abu Hamza worked in Saudi Arabia for one year as religious preacher. This whole story proved that Hamaza received local support from politicians. These politicians are deliberately  working against national interest for religious purposes. People of India demand strict action against people like Faujia Khan for their anti – national activities. More on SIMI and blind and deaf administration of Indian government in next post.

Who is Abu Hamza and Jindal ? The ring master of 26/11!! Part – I

Everyone remember the brutal night when Mumbai was under attack from all around and people were killed. Many brave cops died while fighting terrorist and one of them succeeded to caught Kasab.

Later many faces were identified who were responsible for this attack, one of them was David Headly, another was Let chief Hafiz Saeed and a group called ISI.

Kasab has appeared in court many times and in one of his statement Kasab said that an Indian origin person was giving them instruction on sat phone. That person taught them Hindi and things about Mumbai and its culture. He had given them training for terrorist attack on Mumbai. Since then investigating agencies were looking for that person. Investigation was going around few names which finally closed down to Abu Hamza!

Abu Hamza was caught and brought to India recently. He has given statement to agencies that ISI was core behind 26/11 attack.  Abu Hamaza has changed 27 names during his visits in different countries. His real name is Ansari and he belongs from a city called Beed. His awful and terrifying  journey started in 2006 and he stayed in Mumbai’s MLA hostel at a minister’s room. That person is Nationalist Congress Party minister now in government. Continued……………