Restless soul


Not the disappointment,

not the anger,

not the helpless mind,

not the restless soul,

not the hundred falls

which I have taken

for being tall.

not the hundred failures

to attempt the success.

Not the cold world,

only the alone cry ;

I tried to avoid !

© S.Anand




If only you can read ….. self me !

Mirror of no reflection  By Angeloffallingstars

Mirror of no reflection
By Angeloffallingstars

I have not seen megapixels

but words are my reflection.

Right or left, color and colorless,

views are not on sills !

If you can see,

there at the end of every word,

I’m standing, clear.

If you can read, (there lies my heart),

between the lines !

There is no selfie,

that matches many faces.

If you can read,

at the sound of every word,

there recline, self me !

© S.Anand