The wedding season…….Emotional forgery !!

Wedding in India and across the glob is serious business and billion dollar industry is based on it. From gifts to apparel, home appliances to jewellery and of course wedding planners.

Here it is serious business between family of bride and groom, in the form of dowry. Yes, dowry, it’s very much exits in modern families. All high educated and scholars, professionals are part of this system. Dowry over the years changed its form. Now a days it’s about big , lavish, decorated weddings. Designer sets and outfits, exchange of gifts and professional or business deals.

really ??

Here comes the ridiculous and at the same time cynical trend. Grooms and brides prefers to chooses their partner from same profession. Most of marriages are still arranged marriages in India and when it comes to such situation, doctor will look only for doctor or medical professional. Teacher will prefer for teacher or lecturer. Engineer will look an engineer from any stream.

Such Hippocratic approach don’t end when bride and groom find their respective match but another terrible and painful journey of wedding starts for many bridal families. Since bride’s family is about spend lot of money. Once everything agreed from bride’s profession to groom’s earning, amount of cash to be given as dowry and of course gold in the form of jewellery, both families became ready for the real wedding.


In the mean time, as to be bridegroom get nod from their family, both of the start talking and seeing each other. And how fake can things go in life ?? Can you imagine ?? I observed it very closely when one of my relative who is actually well-educated and holds a good place in a multinational has done same display of pretender attitude.

This guy agreed for an arrange marriage and accepted good amount of money before marriage. Bride and groom started seeing each other and guess what groom started to write romantic poems for the bride !! This is just a pattern of millions of weddings happening in and around.

Blame also goes to the girl who started to enjoy romantic poetry of a fraudster. So next time if you blame Martha Stewart for making marriage a wedding event or blame corporates to destroy the real values just check out emotional forgery.


Time to think about yourself……Happy New Year !

Do I sound selfish ? of course not. It’s time for holidays, new plans, family and friends, gifts and charity…….it’s party time. Religious or not, we all love holidays and fun !!

Time to gear up for that list you were planning since lifetime. May be you are not planning that long, in that case time for that little trip you were thinking over months, food that you are craving for, friends those need to be contacted because you haven’t wish them on right time, family that is waiting for you, book that you like to buy and probably read…..dvd which you always wanted to watch, crazy idea you always wish to pursue……things you holding up inside and like to share with someone……fight that you haven’t fought……..sorry that you haven’t said……grudge that is still in your mind…….fear that stopping you… that you love to play……tradition that you wish to break…..dress that you love to wear…….the list is endless.

new year

All you have to do just to take first step towards your wish. Wish you all Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true !!

Getting back and staying connected !

I took another long break but only because I was busy on other forums, doing some social stuff. No, not tweeting or making friends on Facebook. I was there, writing some responsible act for our armed forces. So much happened in the meantime and seems that a circle is completed as economy troubles are back worldwide.

Well, other issues like terrorism was never gone, always hitting us closely. Good thing is festive season is back and I pray that each one of us will find a reason to celebrate, no matter how small it is. For the sake of good times, let’s be hopeful.

Now you can like or dislike my little efforts of photography on Viewbug.


Wish you all great times, health and happiness.

Things you can’t ignore !!

These days we all become kind of expert in ignoring. Ignoring our emotions, avoiding our relations, easily forgetting about our neighbourhoods, being cool about what’s happening around us…..there is one medium called media which never let us ignore anything and quietly help us forgetting everything because we the people have short memory!!

Can you ignore spring arrival? can we ignore beautiful blossom and butterflies of season? can we ignore snowfall? can we ignore cheesy gossips of politicians and good for nothing people? Can we ignore launch of new gadget or game? and still we successfully ignore wars, pains, corruption and suffering of people.

When my state Maharashtra is burning in fire of drought, at the same time there are people who are enjoying cricket and having fun all sort of way. The amount of water being wasting on organizing these matches in this state, could better been used for drought region, quite close to cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.

This picture is common all around !

Politicians are using filthy methods to tackle such a terrible situation. and what are people doing? farmers are burning their own farms of oranges because there is no water for them. and amount of money to cut the farms is more than they can afford. Children, senior citizens and all people in the families only trying to get some water from various sources, leaving all the daily work behind.

Who is responsible for this drought? beside the all mighty nature, the same filthy politicians who thinks providing water to a beverage or beer industry is important than thirsty dying people and animals. People who think that money can bring smile on people’s face who don’t have water to drink. According to one study this is the worst drought since last 400 years. Famous historic resources of water which had been hundreds of years old are dry now. And yes again we successfully ignored all this. Until and unless we face any such problem, we keep moving on within our little pond.

P.S. – These days spring means the new collection of fashionable trends for many people.

Some random thoughts……

Since many people from art and poetry world appreciated my last fearful post, I dare to post some of my lines of thought. It was written from a stupid and funny incident that made me inspired.


Hardihood !!

There was a girl, sitting on a chair

She put some mud pack on her face

She was so busy that she forgets to take a bath,

Then she wake up and rush to the work

Drive so fast and crush the turf,

Road was full with suffocation

And her mind by cynical pollution,

Never had she seen a single bird in the sky

And some hues of butterfly,

There were some roses on her computer

And some tulips wall posters,

One day she found how dead her around!

And then she turns all down

Later she stopped at every corner and nook

Smell some lilies and salute the troops,

Then she visited green and fair

Blushed her chicks and swirl the hair,

Tasted all the spices under the roof

Blend the life with hardihood.

S. Anand


On A Bigger Quest……….

I have taken a long pause because there was so much happening in and out that I have lost the thought. It’s good to ignore your emotions for a while … is the most difficult. We all have fears, of all sort. They say you can not live with fear but the fact is we do acquaintance with fear. And we crave for dreams and hopes.


my favourite lines by Keats………..

 When I have fears that I may cease to be 
Before my pen has glean’d my teeming brain,
Before high-piled books, in charactery,
Hold like rich garners the full ripen’d grain;
When I behold, upon the night’s starr’d face,
Huge cloudy symbols of a high romance,
And think that I may never live to trace
Their shadows, with the magic hand of chance;
And when I feel, fair creature of an hour,
That I shall never look upon thee more,
Never have relish in the fairy power
Of unreflecting love;–then on the shore
Of the wide world I stand alone, and think
Till love and fame to nothingness do sink.

No need to go deep to understand these lines, we are on a bigger quest. 

What can fairytale do for you….find your own Fairytale!!

After a long time I watched a fairytale and it was so refreshing. I was feeling like a child who got her favourite candy. Then I realize the need of fairytale in our life. Here fairytale did not mean fairytale romances. Romance is just one part of fairy-tales. But what makes a simple and ordinary story, a fairytale?


A kiss? magic? or something else? Each fairytale which me and you heard, no matter which part of the world or culture, it has magic and emotions. More importantly every fairytale has basic human emotions presented simply. Friendship and family are the core values of many fairy-tales. Each princess or prince has caring friends and loved ones. And magic? What is magic? Magic is what seems incredible and impossible in our life but possible elsewhere!

We all want the fantasies of books in our life but we ignore incredible things around us. Everyone has their own definition and meaning of fairytale. For instance an evening walk under the moon could be someone’s desire and a dinner with loved ones could be for others.

I know many of us want to get discover by someone while we strolling in the woods. You want to find the enchantress or the solider just like La belle de Merci……..


We all want a fairy-parent who will do unexpected things for us. What about romances? Do we really want a prince or princess? Probably we want someone us to love and treat like prince or princess. We want that feeling which will make us feel unique and special in this world !

Everyday amazing things happens around us but we fail to recognize or realize these real life fairy-tales. Just like I have shared my personal experiences in earlier post. Although 21st century is seems unfit for fairytale romances. And I’m not talking about royal affairs and weddings because money can’t make fairy-tales!!

Money could be one reason for the story. You might have realized that all the fairy-tales ultimately seeks love, peace and adventure instead of money!!

Flowers, music and beauty are the cherry on the cake. It’s the goodness and purity which makes everything possible. So if you are in search of adventure of a lifetime then you have to open your view beyond time. A fairytale can create positive energy and change your view towards life. You can find your own fairytale or being part of it, if you as human act as  human ! That’s what everyone do in fairy-tales ; people and creatures in fairy-tales never pretend like someone else. They think and act exactly like their character. So go ahead and find your role and you might discover a fairytale around the corner!!

On the horizon of the future………

Diwali lights are still hanging on my terrace and gracing many houses of neighbours. Although Diwali has gone but people are celebrating dev Diwali , kartik and Gurnanak poornima ahead. Beautiful moonlight drizzling with winters and Christmas on the door.

Diwali Kandil

I was just strolling outside and a beautiful Diwali kandil was swinging on music of wind. It was such an amazing view, everything was looking perfect and heavenly. The same bore neighbourhood was looking like picture perfect view. I was standing on the corner of my house near the end of the road and looking at the other end of the road. It was like someone has put the movie set with perfect lights and ambience. Then I thought that a lot had happened last year.

Many tensions and stress which we had gone and still fighting. Many burdens have been shed off and many lies ahead. Sometimes I wonder how I survived……only help of God and how time surprises us when you least expect!

Merry Christmas

What lies on the horizon of future , nobody knows. I wish that everyone has a horizon full of colors and sparkles.

Love is deaf and dumb but not expensive.

I’m going to share two real life incidents which I have witnessed and being part of them. I feel fortunate to experience these events and people who made my beliefs strong in humanity and goodness……….sheer goodness.

These stories have social as well as personal aspect of our life plus current political reflection on common man.

Last Diwali I was shopping with my mother and both of us decided to take a break as we were feeling exhausted. We went into a juice restaurant and ordered 2 pine-appeal juice. Few minutes later there came a couple with a 5-6 month old baby. Both of them sitting opposite of us.

They ordered something and asked the price of it. The guy replied 25rs. Couple discussed that it will be expensive spend 50rs. on 2 glass of juice. They walked out of restaurant because they couldn’t afford it.

I have witnessed the live impact of inflation on common man who earn hard money, who pay taxes and who do not beg. Things have gone way worse for labour and middle class who try to live with dignity and pride.

Yesterday I was in retail store with my mother when we saw a familiar face. We saw a young couple with a gorgeous baby. My mother started talking with them and later I joined the conversation. It was a special conversation as we were talking with signs and symbols. Everyone around us was looking curious and little amazed by our gesture.

The couple was Vaishali and her husband. She is an employee in my mother’s office. She is deaf and dumb but she has very good account and computer skills. Her parents are well-educated and her father is retired officer. They had decided that to protect their daughter, they will not force her to marry. She is born with this disability.

But later came a guy who was educated and absolutely “normal” in our words. He got married to her and left his home-town since she was working elsewhere. Now they have a 2-year-old beautiful daughter and he also doing a job. He always take her to shopping and most of the time , he does it all.

I felt fortunate and blessed to witness such real life love stories which are only available in movies or books. These days even movies are worthless. If you are lucky enough, you might have seen such great people in your home or around. Finally if you think that love is all about charm, attraction, sex and money, relationships need space and freedom then you are still in the queue. There are people who exits and believes and act in love for the sake of love.

2G to the “G” , summary of all the epic events in recent times!!

I haven’t written since few months. In these times I had began to write many times and every time I found myself in double mind. I realized that when I decided upon one subject, there is another issue ready to hit my mind. I finalized to write a brief of all the events around us.

It all started with CWG and Kalamadi spend some time in jail. Now he’s out and doing very good again. Raja and Kanimozi also out and joined one of the parliamentary committee. People have protested against this move of UPA government but Manmohan Singh needed valuable experience of Kanimozi and Raja for his government.

IAC became political and Anna Hazare made a great decision to remain an activist. I would like to thanks Annaji because we people need someone to lookup as we don’t have any faith in political class.

Arvind Kejriwal started his party with a boom and it will be a very good experiment for all social groups to see how they go ahead. Even if they fail, people will gain ultimately.

Assam violence and Bangladesh issue was very bad management of UPA and definitely political ground for them. Mumbai violence was a warning for the security forces and common man of this country. Police has learned their lesson from Mumbai incident and people saw the faces who destroyed Shaheed monument.

I have mentioned the role of Robert Wadra( Wadhera) in 2G scam with Etisalat in my earlier post. Dr. Swamy has enough intel on Wadra’s involvement in 2G. IAC dare the first family i.e. Gandhi . We must congratulate IAC and Anna who gave us courage to raise question and talk about corruption of top leaders in this country.

There are still some people in media who believe that “G” people are beyond scrutiny and judgement. Some media houses are openly supporting UPA corruption as they involved in  it themselves.

Then came the Coal Scam which has scored a 100 for Manmohan Singh and he lost few remaining points he collected. PM tried to achieved the old status he had in foreign media by introducing FDI and removing subsidies. But people will definitely give return gift to PM in upcoming elections.

There is one man who I want to thank and congratulate for raising corruption issue i.e. Mr. Vinod Rai, Auditor General , CAG. This year belongs to you sir!!

Passing year came with news of revival of Sikh terror groups in Punjab. Punjab state government supporting and building a memorial of terrorist in Golden Temple for political purposes. But the UPA government again showing their great ability of bad management while handling such elements.

Sonia Gandhi and family seems unaffected by all the things happening in the country which is very obvious and natural. Robert Wadra accepted that India is banana republic and his mother in law running it very well.

In the mean time , biggest festival season has already started in India and I wish you all great times! Common man is wondering how he going to pay extra 1000 for one cylinder. I’m also planning my budget since it seems that I have to pay almost extra 5000 for rest of the LPG.

KFC restaurant in Banglore has been sealed after food and drug department found worms in finger licking good chicken. Another example of how MNC works in India. Walmart bought share in Bharti even before government given nod for FDI in retail. People should get ready for bigger challenges in coming time.

FDI in pension and insurance came last week and it’s official now that your hard-earned money is not your. Actually it was never belonged to people who are working hard and paying taxes. Politicians blown it in scams since ages. Now it’s time for world to participate in the loot!!

So if you are planning to have fun with family and friends in this festive season, remember you might end up paying extra money for poisoned food plus you will get serious health issues. Don’t get tempt by those tacky commercials on tv which invites you to end up in trendy restaurants and food chains of MNCs . Take care!