Tale of Earth, Today !

The issue was skirt.

and the white shirt,

and the free locks,

and the bare hands,

holding the flag !


The issue was color,

and the valor,

and ignorance with

a hint of arrogance !

The issue was green,

and the air

counting to breath,

and the suffering

for power, to make a crease !

© S.Anand


Rather Be Less Human…..

Mornings are always inspiring and made me wrote these random lines.


Rather Be ‘Less Human’

I didn’t expect that butterflies should

have memories!

Why, such spirit should carry such burden,

but I know butterflies understand the touch.

Only if you have feel those colors,

holding your heart in hands.

I would rather be a bird and

collect some grass.

A bumblebee on lily,                                                                    Vintage Blue Birds

I will spend time with pond.

Like a purplerum,

will soak the sun.

I would rather be,

‘less human.’