My Neighbour’s Cat

It takes immense efforts to love someone in true sense. Well, you don’t need to love someone to understand love itself. May be nature has designed  her children such way. Sometime it looks brutal and sometime beautiful.

So what if you have careless and heartless neighbours. And just like any other day, I was checking my plants and I saw a dead kitten, very tiny. Next to my plants. I was scared and looked around. Then I saw my neighbour’s cat sitting few meters away, in a corner, much in pain.


She was almost unconscience, unable to move, exhausted. So there was no point to disturb her. I called my neighbour. They came, they saw and they left. Got the kitty some food for next two days while she moved around.

And then she left after three days. But she regularly visited. She used to sit near the plants where her kitten was dead. She used to looked at it as if the kitten is still there. This kept happened for another week.

Then she was back to normal routine. Hardly any visit anymore.

And one day looking at her while her gaze was fixed at her imaginary kitten, I realized that it takes immense pain for an animal to survive and to reproduce. Every living thing including humans had gone through and still goes through the pain of evolution.

Evolution. The pain we as children of nature must bear.

But what about the pain we cause, artificial evolution, to satisfy our platter.

Every piece of meat on your table has gone through same pain which your cat or dog might suffered. Difference, farming isn’t nature’s idea.

You have right to do what you believe is correct.

What if humans forced to give birth to specific no. of children to fulfill war demands. What if abortions are banned. Absurd and stupid question.😼 Because we’re humans and somehow most of us believe that Earth and its belongings are tailor-made for us.

We are not different or above from any living entity on this planet. We are part of this complex system.

That cat has reminded me ancient wisdom. Your karma decides your next life.




P.S. – Cat is fine and she is very brave. Not afraid of any Dog.

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