Dreams……Ancient part of you !

Dreams, most amazing things human begins can experience without willingness, like a surprise. Dreams are like magic, almost real. We experience unexpected, driving and unexplained things.


I often feel that we should not be dreaming. Not talking about desires or aims in life. The objectives we set for our life are goals. You have to hit it or miss it ! But dreams, they are following us since the Chaos !

Dreams are more ancient than humans. More complex than our understanding of life. Sometimes I feel they are reminisces of our past life. As per my cultural belief, we have been here again and again ! Living this life countless and dreaming about those lives !


Nevertheless, dreams are true part of each individual’s personality. Like a video audio clip, uniquely made for each one of us and carefully chosen from an infinite library with countless records !

Only thing is that you don’t know what you are going to experience. Dreams are like a surprise that visited you since you been born and stays after you are gone !

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