An Ungrecious Urn …… Of Today !

Food, cloth and shelter are fundamental needs and rights of every human being. Whatever you are enjoying beyond these three is luxury. It might sound exaggerated but when half of the world suffering from food deficiency and fighting terrorism, its clear. One might living in his own pond, waiting for the moment when frog will become prince but there is whole ocean which can not be ignored !


Developing economies and developed countries are example of such pond. You read a blog, you get impress. Then most of the people proudly came across as ‘people without integrity’. People who are living ‘quality’ life quietly and declare themselves ‘not patriotic’, ‘not religious’, ‘not environmentalist’, ‘not xyz’ but as global citizen !

A new breed of Global citizens arrived on social media and in our life. This crop of people is without integrity of any kind. Only solidarity for such people is their own interest. Individual interest has occupied space of compassion and empathy.


Hence, people became everything but human. Like a beautiful urn, on a decorated table with handsome wall. Looking at the room, exhibiting ! People without integrity are like outstanding object of beauty, dedicated to their own inert. Carrying the silver dust, inside. Are we objectifying our identity as human ? Like an urn which is charged but perished ! Ungracious !

Dreams……Ancient part of you !

Dreams, most amazing things human begins can experience without willingness, like a surprise. Dreams are like magic, almost real. We experience unexpected, driving and unexplained things.


I often feel that we should not be dreaming. Not talking about desires or aims in life. The objectives we set for our life are goals. You have to hit it or miss it ! But dreams, they are following us since the Chaos !

Dreams are more ancient than humans. More complex than our understanding of life. Sometimes I feel they are reminisces of our past life. As per my cultural belief, we have been here again and again ! Living this life countless and dreaming about those lives !


Nevertheless, dreams are true part of each individual’s personality. Like a video audio clip, uniquely made for each one of us and carefully chosen from an infinite library with countless records !

Only thing is that you don’t know what you are going to experience. Dreams are like a surprise that visited you since you been born and stays after you are gone !

I wonder why winter comes…..

Once again it happened in winter. A magical spell that stroll in the morning and propagate when sun goes down. It’s winter that brew the air and not spring. It’s autumn that paints the ground red and green.


Evenings of winter are more glorious and mornings are even more bright. The spell is cast in night and the dawn observes it here and there. When everything around blossom with cold, a gentle and warm stream, floats over the river and get dissolved in sunshine.

I wonder, why winter come and slow down the world !


Then one day in bright nights of season, I stared at the moon. And it helped me to have all positive breeze and I hold it together close to my heart.