The wedding season…….Emotional forgery !!

Wedding in India and across the glob is serious business and billion dollar industry is based on it. From gifts to apparel, home appliances to jewellery and of course wedding planners.

Here it is serious business between family of bride and groom, in the form of dowry. Yes, dowry, it’s very much exits in modern families. All high educated and scholars, professionals are part of this system. Dowry over the years changed its form. Now a days it’s about big , lavish, decorated weddings. Designer sets and outfits, exchange of gifts and professional or business deals.

really ??

Here comes the ridiculous and at the same time cynical trend. Grooms and brides prefers to chooses their partner from same profession. Most of marriages are still arranged marriages in India and when it comes to such situation, doctor will look only for doctor or medical professional. Teacher will prefer for teacher or lecturer. Engineer will look an engineer from any stream.

Such Hippocratic approach don’t end when bride and groom find their respective match but another terrible and painful journey of wedding starts for many bridal families. Since bride’s family is about spend lot of money. Once everything agreed from bride’s profession to groom’s earning, amount of cash to be given as dowry and of course gold in the form of jewellery, both families became ready for the real wedding.


In the mean time, as to be bridegroom get nod from their family, both of the start talking and seeing each other. And how fake can things go in life ?? Can you imagine ?? I observed it very closely when one of my relative who is actually well-educated and holds a good place in a multinational has done same display of pretender attitude.

This guy agreed for an arrange marriage and accepted good amount of money before marriage. Bride and groom started seeing each other and guess what groom started to write romantic poems for the bride !! This is just a pattern of millions of weddings happening in and around.

Blame also goes to the girl who started to enjoy romantic poetry of a fraudster. So next time if you blame Martha Stewart for making marriage a wedding event or blame corporates to destroy the real values just check out emotional forgery.


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