Things you can’t ignore !!

These days we all become kind of expert in ignoring. Ignoring our emotions, avoiding our relations, easily forgetting about our neighbourhoods, being cool about what’s happening around us…..there is one medium called media which never let us ignore anything and quietly help us forgetting everything because we the people have short memory!!

Can you ignore spring arrival? can we ignore beautiful blossom and butterflies of season? can we ignore snowfall? can we ignore cheesy gossips of politicians and good for nothing people? Can we ignore launch of new gadget or game? and still we successfully ignore wars, pains, corruption and suffering of people.

When my state Maharashtra is burning in fire of drought, at the same time there are people who are enjoying cricket and having fun all sort of way. The amount of water being wasting on organizing these matches in this state, could better been used for drought region, quite close to cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.

This picture is common all around !

Politicians are using filthy methods to tackle such a terrible situation. and what are people doing? farmers are burning their own farms of oranges because there is no water for them. and amount of money to cut the farms is more than they can afford. Children, senior citizens and all people in the families only trying to get some water from various sources, leaving all the daily work behind.

Who is responsible for this drought? beside the all mighty nature, the same filthy politicians who thinks providing water to a beverage or beer industry is important than thirsty dying people and animals. People who think that money can bring smile on people’s face who don’t have water to drink. According to one study this is the worst drought since last 400 years. Famous historic resources of water which had been hundreds of years old are dry now. And yes again we successfully ignored all this. Until and unless we face any such problem, we keep moving on within our little pond.

P.S. – These days spring means the new collection of fashionable trends for many people.