Some random thoughts……

Since many people from art and poetry world appreciated my last fearful post, I dare to post some of my lines of thought. It was written from a stupid and funny incident that made me inspired.


Hardihood !!

There was a girl, sitting on a chair

She put some mud pack on her face

She was so busy that she forgets to take a bath,

Then she wake up and rush to the work

Drive so fast and crush the turf,

Road was full with suffocation

And her mind by cynical pollution,

Never had she seen a single bird in the sky

And some hues of butterfly,

There were some roses on her computer

And some tulips wall posters,

One day she found how dead her around!

And then she turns all down

Later she stopped at every corner and nook

Smell some lilies and salute the troops,

Then she visited green and fair

Blushed her chicks and swirl the hair,

Tasted all the spices under the roof

Blend the life with hardihood.

S. Anand


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