Delhi rape …….A view inside !!

First of all wishing all of you very great year ahead. Although mine has started pretty terrible. Almost entire country has decided to sombre the new year celebration after the death of Delhi rape victim Damini.

I was in double mind for writing about this incident. I have almost decided not write anything because so many things are already going on. Later, I have decided to share couple of things about common man and his perspective.

I was reading a small post about  incident on Facebook which was shocking. Next I have read an article about it. It was on 31st night and my head was spinning. Entire night I was feeling heavy and unable to sleep. Couple of days later I was thinking about it in my dreams.

So what is that? Did media sensationalize this issue? Definitely not. Students and people were on roads of Delhi and around the nation protesting for strong laws and effective system.

Politicians were doing great according to my expectation. They were politicizing this issue and going stupid as always.

But gratefully people have taken it seriously this time. Thanks to Anna Hazare!! Anna it is because of you that we are not afraid, shy or hesitate to come out of our comfort zones!! Janlokpal movement has failed but Anna , you have given us bigger achievement, we stand for ourself!! We do not care for politicians neither afraid of police nor play in the hands of media!!

Youth helping policemen

Youth helping policemen

In this entire protest which is still going on, at Jantar – Mantar, people are fasting, youth of India has proved themselves  I’m being part of them feel proud to see that there were no bloody incidents around the nation. Police and people have clashes and few get injured but people haven’t taken law in their hand. Those youngster were from all part of society. Some of them were doctors, engineering  IT professionals, businessmen artist, media persons, writers and common men. Women were huge part of these protest and many young students have fought brave.

youth protesting

Now that Damini’s friend has revealed that they were thrown on road and asked for help to people but no one helped them, question is what has gone wrong with us?

We are running behind money ruthlessly and when many of us have that money, we still choose to run !! We have been filled with bad ideas like Work Hard, Party Hard!!

We have forgotten the real bliss and happiness can not be purchased with alcohol and drugs. We think that an iPhone is a key to happiness. We have put our faith in dead and artificial things instead of humans. We have given wrong idols to our children.

No matter what we do, we can not bring Damini back neither ease her pain. When she died, she was not alone, entire country was with her. We can do one thing i.e. we can treat human beings as human. We can promise to fight for every cause that relates to us and finally as democratic country we should stay awaken!!