What can fairytale do for you….find your own Fairytale!!

After a long time I watched a fairytale and it was so refreshing. I was feeling like a child who got her favourite candy. Then I realize the need of fairytale in our life. Here fairytale did not mean fairytale romances. Romance is just one part of fairy-tales. But what makes a simple and ordinary story, a fairytale?


A kiss? magic? or something else? Each fairytale which me and you heard, no matter which part of the world or culture, it has magic and emotions. More importantly every fairytale has basic human emotions presented simply. Friendship and family are the core values of many fairy-tales. Each princess or prince has caring friends and loved ones. And magic? What is magic? Magic is what seems incredible and impossible in our life but possible elsewhere!

We all want the fantasies of books in our life but we ignore incredible things around us. Everyone has their own definition and meaning of fairytale. For instance an evening walk under the moon could be someone’s desire and a dinner with loved ones could be for others.

I know many of us want to get discover by someone while we strolling in the woods. You want to find the enchantress or the solider just like La belle de Merci……..


We all want a fairy-parent who will do unexpected things for us. What about romances? Do we really want a prince or princess? Probably we want someone us to love and treat like prince or princess. We want that feeling which will make us feel unique and special in this world !

Everyday amazing things happens around us but we fail to recognize or realize these real life fairy-tales. Just like I have shared my personal experiences in earlier post. Although 21st century is seems unfit for fairytale romances. And I’m not talking about royal affairs and weddings because money can’t make fairy-tales!!

Money could be one reason for the story. You might have realized that all the fairy-tales ultimately seeks love, peace and adventure instead of money!!

Flowers, music and beauty are the cherry on the cake. It’s the goodness and purity which makes everything possible. So if you are in search of adventure of a lifetime then you have to open your view beyond time. A fairytale can create positive energy and change your view towards life. You can find your own fairytale or being part of it, if you as human act as  human ! That’s what everyone do in fairy-tales ; people and creatures in fairy-tales never pretend like someone else. They think and act exactly like their character. So go ahead and find your role and you might discover a fairytale around the corner!!