BODO – Essence of Aasam, killed by illegal Bangladeshi!

It’s been more than three days Assam is burning and people are suffering from violence. Who is responsible for this massacre? Definitely the government of Assam and Chief minister Tarun Gogoi and home minister P.Chidambaram.

More than 10000 people flee their villages and homes due to panic and violence. Government is watching silently for their own political vote bank. Illegal migrant Bangladeshi Muslims who entered India through borders are main reason behind this unrest.

These illegal people killed BoDo people and created unrest in peaceful state of Assam. BODO are ethnic people of Assam who have fought for BODO land and in result a non autonomous region called BODO land exits under Bodo Territorial Council.

BODOs are always been farmer and attached to the land in some or other form. Like many other tribes of North – East , they have been nationalist groups with unique culture and identities. They have rich culture, art, music and traditions of hundred of years.

Problem started when Bangladeshi entered through long border of North – East Indian area. They are doing it since many decades. Vulnerable borders and weak policies of government made it easy for them. In last few years terrorist organizations like HuJi and ISI are using these routes to spread their elements in locales.

These terrorist organizations are backed by Pakistani groups such as Jamat-Ut-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Tayyba. They are smuggling drugs, arms, explosives and fake currency to damage Indian economy.

Unfortunately current Indian government is soft on such people because they act as big number of vote bank as Muslim groups. But the problem has spread beyond Assam. It’s been said that more than 8 lakh Bangladeshi illegal migrant live now in Mumbai alone. These criminal and illegal groups have created terrorist sleeper cells in India.

Assam riots are fall out of such terror groups who wish to create permanent divide between people of Assam and impose their own identity. Government of India should strictly handle these people and seal the borders for future peace establishment. Sonia Gandhi should not remained silent and Tarun Gogoi should act before it’s too late.

Strong and permanent measures need to be taken on cross – border terrorism. Illegal Bangladeshi should be identified around the country and deported back to their nation.