2G verdict and it’s real ramifications!

2G verdict has come and honorable Supreme Court has cancelled 122 licenses of 11 networking companies. Today CBI Trial court has dismissed a petition of Dr. S.Swami regarding Chidambaram being to made co – accused. Now the UPA has some breather but cancelling of 122 licenses is the real trouble for UPA as well as some very powerful people in the government.

This was historical decision to cancel such huge number of licenses by Supreme Court. One great thing will happen that these companies have to pay fair amount according to market rate. Telenor might be planning to leave the Indian market unless some interventions will be made by Norway government. Since Norway is a country who always like to get in other people’s internal matters.

Dr.S.Swami opposed and put his complete efforts to cancelled these licenses because Etisalat is a company that is control and run by China. UPA put the national security on threshold by allotting the spectrum to Etisalat. Swan Telecom is apparently a fake company ( see 2G spectrum flow chart).

Supreme Court has given 4 months time to re – allotment and auctions of spectrum. These 4 months are crucial for companies and customers. Companies will try to make more and more money in these 4 months to regain their licenses. Customer will suffer for at least 4 months and might face increased rate. It is possible that about 5 lakh people may loss their job due to following result. But this verdict will make Indian economy a strong, transparent and trustworthy than earlier.

In coming months our economy will grow stronger and people will find new employment opportunities. UPA will grow weaker as it’s allies like DMK finally will have to make a stand on 2G and A.Raja. Allies like NCP and TMC might create trouble for Congress. If future hearings related to 2G will reflect positive verdict then we might witness some surprises in this case.

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