The Conspiracy Against Indian Army – Part 2

In earlier post I have explained the conspiracy and politics going on behind General V.K.Singh’s age row. The more shocking facts are revealing ahead.

It is said that General Singh is against the Eurofighter deal with EU. Eurofighter is among the new jet fighter which probably been choose by Indian defense. Another big name in competition is Rafale. Eurofighter is designed to adopt European conditions. This could be one reason to oppose this deal. Eurofighter is manufactured by groups of European nations. While Rafael is French manufacturer Dassault.

It has been said that Ottavio Quatrochi’s son hold an important position in Italian division of Eurofighter manufacturer. Further more Carla Bruni wife of French President Sarkozi is kith and keen of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s sister. It should be noted that Carla Bruni is Italian – French singer and actress.

In short this major air – craft deal is leading to another Bofors!! People should now open their eyes before it’s too late for us.

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