Janlokpal song by my friend Ashwin!

Janlokpal : Those who are still unaware of Janlokpal , let me explain what is lokpal?

Janlokpal is bill formed by a non profit organization called India Against Corruption. Basically Janlokapl is bill against corruption which covers all major and minor aspects of corruption, including PM, all member of parliament and administrative officials.

Anna Hazare eminent Gandhian and social worker from last 25 years is running this movement against corruption. Entire nation and Indian abroad supporting this movement.

Government of India recently brought Lokapl bill in parliament which is too soft on corrupt people and exclude PM, members of parliament and all official.

This cause the major movement against corruption in India. Many people contributed different ways like rally, photos, music, videos, articles etc.

My friend Ashwin composed wonderful instrumental Janlokpal. Please listen to this, and myself contributed writing lyrics of one of song.

Here is the link, listen and enjoy.  . . .