Netaji SubhashChandra Bose ….. Mystery of Martyr.

Recently government of India declassified most of sensitive top-secret files related to hero of Indian freedom struggle Netaji Subhashchandra Bose.
Bose is the most inspiring freedom hero and founder of Azad Hind Sena ie.e INA(Indian National Army) whose disappearance or rather death remains unsolved. Recent declassified documents is the outcome of author and Bose historian Anuj Dhar’s efforts.

Jai Hind

Jai Hind

Documents revealed some very sensitive information about previous governments who reportedly spied on Bose family.
But government still holding back some very sensitive information which might damage our ties with other country (as per government).
Nevertheless, many things came out of shadows and many answers been found. But still many questions remained unanswered and new questions raised.
Hopefully, not too late as 65 years, we will have remaining files to be made public, very soon. In the mean time efforts of people like Anuj Dhar and who love and cherish Bose need to be continued.
Here are the details of declassified documents by Anuj Dhar.
*Anuj Dhar is the author of best-selling book India’s Biggest Cover-Up
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An Ungrecious Urn …… Of Today !

Food, cloth and shelter are fundamental needs and rights of every human being. Whatever you are enjoying beyond these three is luxury. It might sound exaggerated but when half of the world suffering from food deficiency and fighting terrorism, its clear. One might living in his own pond, waiting for the moment when frog will become prince but there is whole ocean which can not be ignored !


Developing economies and developed countries are example of such pond. You read a blog, you get impress. Then most of the people proudly came across as ‘people without integrity’. People who are living ‘quality’ life quietly and declare themselves ‘not patriotic’, ‘not religious’, ‘not environmentalist’, ‘not xyz’ but as global citizen !

A new breed of Global citizens arrived on social media and in our life. This crop of people is without integrity of any kind. Only solidarity for such people is their own interest. Individual interest has occupied space of compassion and empathy.


Hence, people became everything but human. Like a beautiful urn, on a decorated table with handsome wall. Looking at the room, exhibiting ! People without integrity are like outstanding object of beauty, dedicated to their own inert. Carrying the silver dust, inside. Are we objectifying our identity as human ? Like an urn which is charged but perished ! Ungracious !